Proper Waste Diversion, Composting and Recycling Starts at the Source - In our Homes



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A handy device that can be used for compostible yard debris, storage of recycling material. around the BBQ. patio, hot tub.  



The portable companion for your hiking, camping, fishing, swimming and motor homes where space is limited and you need  that extra  folding metal table top. 



The "worker" that uses a a strong reusable poly/cloth bag, that reduces your cost of buying those oil-based bags that are terrible for our landfills ,Used by contractors, & parking lots for keeping things tidy. For disaster relief companies for clean-up , food truck operator, and a unique new advertising medium for indoor and outdoor events. 

Our Planet is in Trouble if we Don't CHANGE OUR WAYS NOW!


“PROPER" WASTE DIVERSION and RECYCLING PRACTICES have become a worldwide problem since China stopped accepting our Recyclables. Municipalities strugglle to find ways to improve the ways that they are handling Waste and Compostible Debris, Recycling Companies don’t have markets who will buy our "Garbage" and taxpayers are ending up paying for these problems.

Be part of the trend to improve our ways - and it all starts STARTS at the SOURCE - in our HOMES!” and STOP using Single-Use  Plastic bags!

Introducing the OutBack Model!


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The Unique Product with SO Many Uses...


Portable Folding Metal able Top just when you need it most.


Take it to the beach to dry your clothes

No better way to keep you towels and drinks out of the sand!


Compact, Light and Portable

Take it with you when you are camping, fishing or in your RV.

Improve your Waste Diversion & Recycling Methods

The multi-purpose Utility Device with so many uses, "Making the Task Easier" for yard work, storage of recyclables and  for any outdoor activities .

Why Kwik BagIt Eco/System is the Solution

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Innovation Headquarters International

Message from the President


Hi, My name is Harold Sokyrka and I  have been developing and designing new businesses, products and processes for the past 50 years.

I am excited to introduce my new invention the  "Kwik-BagIt Bio/System" which is a simple, cost effective, method used for the Diversion of Waste and Compost from our landfills and the most effective way to Recycle with the use of the Patent Pending Utility Device, The System succeeds in "Making the Task Easier".  Soon to be launched on IndieGoGo.

The  Biodegradable Poly /Cloth Bags are washable and can be re-used hundreds of times, eliminating our dependency to waste money on single-use oil-based plastic bags which take over 100 years to decompose and are terrible for our precious planet.


My Inspiration



From time-time, I read the poem on a plaque on my office wall, reminding me how important these 2 words are.

"When things go wrong -and they sometimes will;  you


When the road you're trudging-

 seems all up hill; you


When the funds are low 

and the debts are high; 

And you want to smile, 

but you have to sigh; you,


When care is pressing you down a bit-

Rest if you must but -


So stick to the fight 

when you are hardest hit - 

It's when things go wrong,

 that you 


                               Author unknown

My first invention


At the age of 8, my Dad encouraged me to get a newspaper route in my hometown of Waterford Ontario. It was a morning route and had 25 customers. My Dad was a huge inspiration to me and he was my Mentor, who told me, " If you  want to be successful in business, you need to find new customers -  and the only way to achieve this - is to not  be afraid of "knocking on doors".  

So - I did. I built my little business to 85 customers within a couple of months - but, this also created a BIG problem. With the papers  stacked on my carrier in front of me, I couldn't see where I was driving and they were so heavy that my bike would fall over and the papers would fly in every direction.  

So I had to  "solve the problem" and designed a way to keep my bike standing while I delivered the papers. - and thanks to my Dad I also learned how to 

"build a business"!

Ever since then, I have been solving problems by inventing new products to feed my business ventures.

Door Knocking Pays Off!


With a solid background in music, as well as a passion for business, I began my business journey in 1975, with my new wife Sonia, and we  purchased a franchise with the  United Conservatory of Music and moved to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

This is where I really learned how to start a new business! 

 By "Knocking on Doors!". (there was no Internet back then - and people were much more welcoming at the door at that time.)

I went from  zero students to over 1,500 weekly students in 3 short years - in 5 locations in Southern Saskatchewan.  Another lesson I learned from my Dad: "You have to be able to be confident enough to walk up to a stranger and show them how excited you are about your business".

Expand, Diversify and Love Life!


From 1975 - 1985 Our business expanded and diversified incredibly.  After purchasing a 2 story retail building in downtown Moose Jaw, which I need for our teaching studios, 

( United Conservatory of Music), we also purchased the existing, well established beauty salon, because of the great cash flow (Peggy's Beauty Parlor).

 In spite of interest rates that were in the mid 20%'s we totally renovated the building and developed 3 other businesses located in the same building. I developed a retail piano and organ store (Keyboard Magic) a fitness and day spa (Leisure Time Fitness Spa) and a sign and graphics business (Modern Images Graphics and Display

I now had a staff of 16 and our daily walk-in traffic exceeded 175 people.

I was in my prime of life and loving my "small empire", in spite of being overwhelmed with the many challenges in running 5 businesses.

I had a wonderful supportive wife, three lovely daughters aged 3, 5 and 7, and we had just built a new home.

Life was GREAT!

Developing PLEXEON "the Affordable Alternative to Neon"


While on a music trade show expedition in Holland, I discovered a new material, called  "Line Lite" which had a florescent pigment incorporated in the plastic tubing that would light up like neon when a black light was projected on the tubing.

My 2 brothers, David and Eugene who were my partners in Modern Images Graphics & Display, worked with this product and we incorporated it into signage and artwork that was used in bars and nightclubs throughout Western Canada.  Since the disco scene was so popular during the years of 1983 - 1985 it was an amazing product to sell. We called our new product:  "PLEXEON".

I realized that there was much more potential with the product, if we went after the Corporate Advertising Market, so 

we created several prototypes that I presented to the major beer companies in Ontario, and I landed my first Million Dollar Contract!

We were so excited -but reality hit us with a blow - because the product was so labour intensive we couldn't produce the order and we had to turn the order down! WOW! 



Major Health Issue HITS ME HARD...



In the fall of 1985 I began developing a cough that just wouldn't go away. Due to a viral infection - "Cardio Myopathy" which is a very rare heart  disorder, causing the heart muscle to expand 3 times the normal size.

After I was rushed to London Ontario by air ambulance it was quickly determined that there was no cure; and I was told that I only had about 6 months to live; unless I received a heart transplant.

This news was devastating! I was 36 years old, in the prime of my life, with a beautiful wife and  3 small girls, aged 9,7, and 5 our lives quickly changed. I was so sick that I feared going to sleep because I didn't think I was going to wake up and I wouldn't see them again.

We all moved temporarily to London  to wait for a transplant, but while I was away waiting for the transplant, my businesses started to fail and I had to sell them off so that I could focus on dealing with my serious health issues.

Fortunately with a "Gift of Life" from a 16 year old boy who was tragically killed in a car accident,( who I think about every day!)  the excellent team of health professionals at London Health Sciences, and God's answer to my prayers, I was granted a  second chance to live!  What a frightening and emotional experience that was!

After about 18 months of recovery and rebuilding my strength I began to rebuild my business endeavors from "scratch" 

While I was recuperating, my inventive qualities really "kicked in to high gear". I began to develop my most successful invention:





While I was recuperating from my heart transplant, I began to solve the problems we had with PLEXEON, Since it was so labour intensive, I had to come up with a way that luminescent material could be dispensed instead of glueing it to a surface.

It was when I was at the local bakery, buying my wife a birthday cake. I was watching the baker "squeeze" the icing with the name "Sonia", that I realized THAT that was how I could create the letters for the signage.

Then I started experimenting with all types of glue and silicones, and mixed them with fluorescent pigments. but the problems with this approach was that the material would "slope" and would not maintain an equal distribution as the letters were dispensed.

The second problem was solved when I was at my dentists office and he inserted a small wand with a light on the end - I asked what that was for and he said that they were experimenting with Ultra Violet Light which rapidly cured the filing material. EUREKA!! That is how a would prevent the material from "slopping".  I would cure the material with the same light that activated the luminosity of the  material, and the compound known as LUMINIITE was invented.

Now, I had to find a machine that would dispense the material consistently - using the same technology that was used in the sign industry with vinyl cut letters. Thismachine did not exist but I was able to convince a company in Worchester MA to help me solve the problem and we were able to dispense the material evenly and accurately while  the UV light passed over the letters, which maintained the 3 dimensional appearance of the letters.

I now had a solution to the problems and went back to the major beer company and got that MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT that was lost back in 1986. With that accomplished, I began my pursuit of raising the necessary capital to produce the order which lead to the formation of a new company "LUMINART" which traded on the Over the Counter Stock Exchange. I was responsible for ongoing R&D on the Luminart Process and Luminite Compound which was sold to sign makers and graphics designers in 19 countries. My duties also included training of staff in all locations where the Invention was licensed. Sales exceeded $19 million in the first 3 years of operation.  I retired from LUMINART in 1996.


After I retired with LUMINART INC. my inventive skills kicked in again. 

 It was in the mid 1990's when CD's and DVD's were just beginning to be introduced into the marketplace and I saw an opportunity to get in on the action and created the PYRAMID, which was a modular, easy to assemble plastic holder, that could be configured into dozens of configurations to meet the needs of the disc collectors.  This product was primarily sold on TV and managed to sell over a quarter of a million units,  However it was short lived due to the introduction of streaming music and videos.

In 2005, my career as an inventor took a major turn, when my daughter Theresa, qualified as a finalist on Canadian Idol.  After that exciting and memorable event, with her becoming the Runner-Up, she needed a business manager and I spent the next 4 years of my life working with her to develop her business Theresa Sokyrka Entertainment Productions. 

Her first album "These Old Charms" achieved GOLD ALBUM status, and since then she has recorded 4 more albums. For more, go to:

I was responsible for organizing and implementing a nation wide concert tour  arranging venues for concert performances in over 80  cities and towns throughout Canada, negotiated pre- concert advertising campaigns including all aspects of media promotions, recording contracts, and CD sales. What an exciting time that was!

Once I found myself getting anxious again, I started working on my Newest Invention: The KWIK-BAG-IT SYSTEM"

is Patent Pending Utility Device that is designed for "Making the Task Easier" for the collection of compostable debris and the storage of refundable recycling items. 

This product will be launched on at the end off February 2018, and is destined to have a world-wide potential.

At the age of 66, my wife Sonia, of 44 years, (who has been my biggest supporter), wishes that I would slow down - but that's so hard to do because a successful Inventor 


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LumiNite and LumiNart Invention

 Check out this video  compound "Luminite" and the "Luminart Process"

If you watch closely, you will see me closing a deal with Goodyear. But I looked alot different then!

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